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Franklin eBranch Text Banking

You can set up SMS banking through your profile under ‘Manage Devices’ in Franklin eBranch. This will enable you to text a limited number of commands to our short code: 99588

The commands include:

  • ‘HELP’ for help with commands
  • ‘BAL’ for account balances
  • ‘ATM’ + street or zip code for ATM locations nearest you
  • ‘BRANCH’ + street or zip code for branch locations nearest you
  • ‘HIST’ + texting nickname for transaction history of a particular account (ex: HIST C1; that’s transaction history for checking 1. If you do not have nicknames selected, the default texting nicknames are numbered 1 through however many accounts you have.)

With FSB Account Alerts, you can also set up alerts to send a text message or an email to you when a particular activity takes place with your account, such as an account balance target amount or a deposit or withdrawal posting to your account. At Franklin eBranch, select "Messages" box.

  • Select "New" to set up an alert, or
  • Select "Checking" (or "Savings" or "Loans") to view alerts associated with your account(s)

To set up an alert, click "New" for the type of account you wish the alert for, checking, savings or loans.

Checking alert options are available for:

  • Checks cleared
  • Balance
  • Debit or
  • Deposit

Savings alert options are available for:

  • Balance
  • Deposit or
  • Withdrawal

Loan alert options are available for:

  • Advances or
  • Payment

Please be aware, when you set up a text alert, you will need to use your 10-digit cell phone number. Some texts may be received in the middle of the night, depending on when files post to accounts.

Some debit card transactions will prompt two alerts to be sent. The first may be sent for any pre-authorization that the merchant posts and the second is sent when the actual transaction posts to the account.

FSB Account Alerts let you know what's happening in your account while you're away from FranklineBranch.