Remote Deposit Capture Calculator

This calculator lets you estimate how our Biz2Bank remote deposit capture can make economic sense for your business. Just estimate the wage of the employee making the deposits, the time it takes to do this and other expenses, such as vehicle operation. Fill in the fields and check out the results. We think you’ll find our monthly fee for Biz2Bank is a bargain!

Employee Cost Per Trip
Employee hourly wage making deposits:
Time spent in the car and at the bank (in hours):
Employee cost per trip: $0.00
Weekly Fuel Cost
Cost of gas (per gallon):
MPG of car taken to bank:
Cost per mile: $0.00
Round trip distance (in miles):
Number of trips per week:
Fuel expense (per week): $0.00
Total Monthly Cost
Fuel cost (per month): $0.00
Employee cost (per month): $0.00
Total cost (per month): $0.00
Remote Deposit Capture Cost
Cost of Biz-2-Bank service per month:
(Enter $70 for full-time businesses or $100 for seasonal businesses)
RDC Savings
Your Monthly Savings could be as high as: $0.00