Other Deposit Services

  • Safe Deposit Boxes: Protect your valuables from fire and theft. Reduced rates are available to customers with accounts at Franklin Savings Bank. (Safe deposit boxes are not insured by FDIC.)
  • Bank by Mail: We provide self-addressed envelopes for your convenience. Contact us or ask a Customer Service Representative for more information.
  • Direct Deposit: Social Security and other income checks can be directly deposited in your account, quickly and safely.
  • Wire Transfer: We have access to the Federal Reserve Wire System. See us for quick, safe funds transfer.
  • Send and Receive Money with Zelle: Introducing Zelle® – a fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends, family and other people you trust.
  • Treasurer’s Checks: Available from any teller.
  • Personal Money Orders: Available from any teller.
  • Notary Public: Available from Customer Service.

Convenient Links

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Financial Tools

  • Reorder your checks online at the Deluxe webpage
  • The Universal Currency Converter by Xenon Laboratories features continuously updated global currency rates, a great help when you’re planning a trip abroad or trading in our global economy.
  • The US Department of the Treasury Savings Bonds Online page features redemption tables, rates and other information on U.S. Savings Bonds, as well as a fun and informative Savings Bond Page for Kids

Business Matters

  • The Small Business Administration for the Maine District is an independent federal agency that aids, counsels, assists and protects the interests of small businesses.
  • The Finance Authority of Maine is Maine’s business finance agency. It supports the start-up, expansion and growth plans of Maine’s business community. FAME works with lenders to improve access to capital. FAME also administers Maine’s higher education finance programs.

Government & Banking Regulators

Housing Help

Consumer Concerns

  • The Federal Reserve has created “A Consumer’s Guide to Mortgage Refinancing,” an online site that contains tips and answers to frequently asked questions about the refinancing process. The information is intended to help consumers determine when refinancing makes sense, what a refinancing will cost, and whether to switch into a different type of mortgage.
  • Read the FDIC’s recommendations on detecting and avoiding Phishing scams.
  • Those seeking help straightening things out once an identity theft has occurred may find this joint publication of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and CALPIRG useful.
  • The Identity Theft Resource Center posts notices for current and past consumer scams.
  • The Social Security Administration’s Website provides information about reporting fraud.
  • The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) entitles you to one free credit report each year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies . Bear in mind that the heavily advertised “Free” credit report is only free if you sign up for services for which you must pay. This website,, is the official site designed to help consumers to obtain truly free credit reports.  It was created by the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies – EquifaxExperian and TransUnion – for the purpose of centralizing the process.
  • The National Do Not Call Registry can prevent unwanted calls from telemarketers. People can register online or by calling 1-888-382-1222 (TTY 1-866-290-4236) from the phone number they wish to register.
    • If you have applied for credit or had a credit check, you should know the three major credit reporting agencies are selling your financial information. Signing up for the Do Not Call Registry will ensure your private information is not sold to telemarketers. Find out more (PDF).
  • The U.S. Mint features information on your money, ranging from circulating coins, bullion, commemoratives and special coin sets.

General Reference

The US Postal Service web database makes it easy to find zip codes, particularly zip+four codes, and the proper way to address mail. Moving, check out the USPS Mover’s Net guide.

Switching to Franklin Savings? Here’s what you need to know.

We’re more than happy to help you put together the pieces. Fill out the account change or close forms in the PDF and mail or drop them by any office of Franklin Savings Bank, and we’ll do the rest. It’s that easy.

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