The Franklin Solution

  • Consolidate your accounts under one roof with our easy account switch kit.
  • Fill out the form to close old accounts at other institutions, re-direct deposits and change automatic debits to Franklin Savings Bank and we’ll take care of the rest.

If your financial picture looks a bit jumbled – a loan here, a CD there, other accounts who knows where — bring them together with the Franklin Solution.

Consolidating your accounts under one roof makes it easy to manage your finances. With Franklin eBranch online banking, you can view all your accounts on one screen, make a loan payment, pay bills, or transfer between accounts.

We’re more than happy to help you put together the pieces. Fill out the account change or close forms in the PDF and mail or drop them by any office of Franklin Savings Bank and we’ll do the rest. It’s that easy.

Please note: Page 1 of the PDF contains three Account Close forms and Page 2 contains three Automatic Transaction Change Requests.

Checking checklist

  • Open New Checking Account: We’ll order your checks and ATM/Debit card, both of which will be delivered in about two weeks.
  • Re-Direct Deposits and Debits: Identify every source for your direct deposits and scheduled automatic payments and fill out a Change Request form for each one. Payroll and Social Security checks are commonly direct deposited. Common types of automatic debits are utility bills, health club dues, insurance premiums and loan payments.
  • Internet Bill-Pay Service: If you have signed on with an Internet bill paying service, you will want to switch your bills to Franklin Bill Pay, a free service from Franklin Savings Bank. Ask your customer service representative to sign you up.
  • Let the dust settle: Most of your checks and ATM/Debit card transactions should have cleared within a couple of weeks. Be sure to check your statement to make sure all have cleared before closing your old account. Again, enter this information on the Account Closure form and let us know when it’s time to send the form to the old financial institution.

Please note that we are not able to open new accounts online. You will still need to meet with a customer service representative to open an account at Franklin Savings Bank. These forms are intended to ease the transition between financial institutions.

Opening an account

Opening an account at Franklin Savings Bank is easy. To get started, simply fill out the form below and bring it with you to one of our convenient locations where a representative will be happy to help you join the Franklin Savings Bank family.

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