Debit Cards

Fee-free at hundreds of Maine Community Banks, as part of the Maine Cash Access system.

  • Verified by Visa protection
  • Debit card accepted anywhere that Visa Debit Cards are accepted.
  • Debit card daily limits at the point of sale are $2,500 and, at the ATM $500.
  • ATM card daily limits are $200.

Your Franklin Savings Bank Visa Debit Card allows you to write an electronic check as easily as making a charge on a credit card, without adding to your credit card debt. Funds come from your checking account, just as if you had written a check. Your Debit Card does double-duty as an ATM card that gives access to your checking and statement savings accounts 24-hours a day at thousands of ATM machines all over the world.*

* ATM access to statement savings accounts is limited in some countries.

Should your card be lost or stolen, you can rest easy knowing that your Franklin Savings Bank Visa Debit Card has limited liability, so long as you notify us as soon as possible.

Verified by Visa Verified by VISA allows you to register your debit card with VISA for more secure online shopping. Once you have registered your card, a password will be required when you shop online with participating merchants.
Register your card.

Keep your payments processing with Visa Account Updater

Visa has announced a new feature for your debit card, the Visa Account Updater. This new feature will help keep your recurring debit card transactions flowing, even if your debit card information has changed. Card updates are provided to merchants to prevent your recurring payments from being declined. These recurring payments are often for membership dues or utility payments and could present problems for you if the payment is declined.

Your card information might be changed for several reasons: It could expire and be renewed or it's lost or stolen. Until now, these changes were not reported to the merchant and your payment would simply be declined.

  • Benefits to you Include:
  • Minimize payment disruptions due to card changes.
  • Reduced need for customer intervention when card information changes.
  • Seamless update process for participating merchants once new or reissued cards are received;, which reduces the likelihood of service interruptions for recurring payments.

Please be aware: Cardholders are still responsible for following up with merchants in order to ensure they automatically received the updated card information through the account updater service, or to provide updated information.

Your card has been automatically enrolled in this new service.  If you choose to opt-out, your recurring payments will be rejected and you may have services terminated.  You may opt-out of the Visa Account Updater service by contacting us directly.

Problem Solving:

  • Please be aware: In our continued diligence to protect your accounts, transactions made with your debit card will be evaluated for risk, based on certain trends in card fraud. While unlikely, there is a possibility a legitimate transaction you have authorized may be declined. Should this happen with a signature-based transaction, please re-try the transaction using your PIN instead or give us a call.

    If your issue arises after business hours, you may reach our fraud center directly at (800) 262-2024. If you have been contacted by our fraud center and have been assigned a personal message code, please call (866) 750-9107

  • If you see suspicious activity in your account and/or you have reason to believe your card number has been compromised, call us IMMEDIATELY. If it is after normal business hours, call Visa directly and report your card stolen. Contact us as soon as possible afterward. Find out more about reporting a lost or stolen ATM-Debit card.

Go to Maine Cash Access web page Franklin Savings Bank has teamed up with other community banks to create the Maine Cash Access system,which allows you free use of hundreds of ATMs in Maine. Pick up a map-brochure at any Franklin Savings Bank location. You may also call 1-877-NO-FEE-91 or visit the Maine Cash Access webpage to find out where participating ATMs are located.

  • If you are ever accidentally charged a fee for using a Maine Cash Access ATM, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible so that it may be corrected. Please do not include your account number or PIN in any email messages. Instead, tell us where and when the ATM incident took place and leave your name and a telephone number where you can be reached.To report a lost card.