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Build your future with us. Our construction loan is designed to offer you the flexibility, support and financial solutions you need to bring your vision to life. Reach out to apply today!

Two men working inside of a home under construction
A group of men building a new house with a ski mountain in the background

Streamline Your Build with Our Construction Loan

Our construction loan is tailored to make your building process as smooth as possible, transforming your plans into reality with comprehensive support. Here’s how we help you build your dream with confidence:

  • Effortless Transition: Enjoy a single closing upfront, seamlessly moving into a 15, 20, or 30-year mortgage without extra fees.
  • Flexible Rate Options: Choose from fixed or variable rates available for up to 30 years to match your financial plan.
  • Initial Payment Ease: Benefit from interest-only payments during the first 12 months, easing your budget as you build.
  • Generous Draw Requests: Access up to 25 draw requests at no additional charge, ensuring funds are available as your project progresses.
  • Freedom to Prepay: Plan your finances without worry—there’s no penalty for prepaying your loan.
  • High Loan-to-Value: Borrow up to 89% of your home’s appraised “as complete” value with a single General Contractor, meeting our underwriting requirements.
  • Local Disbursements: Enjoy the convenience of having disbursements handled directly at your local branch, keeping your project moving smoothly.

How to get started

Our team is here to help guide you through securing your construction loan. It takes just three easy steps.

Step 1

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and our team will be in touch.

Step 2

We’ll provide you a checklist of all the information you’ll need for your loan approval.

Step 3

Once we have the information needed, we’ll let you know if you’re approved and get you on your way to building your dream.

What your neighbors are saying

“You are a great banker, and most importantly, a wonderful person!! Thanks for your support and attention to my loan process.”

Sue K., New Sharon

“Thank you so much for making this process as painless as possible!”

Jenny G., Portland

“[Chrissy] served with great patience and professionalism in negotiating our construction loan.”

Jan C., Wilton

Talk with our team

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