My Cash Stash

  • No Minimum Balance
  • Open with only $5 deposit
  • Special gift when you open account

With "My Ca$h Sta$h," you can open a savings account with as little as $5. "My Ca$h Sta$h" is a statement account, which means every month you recieve a statement letting you know exactly how much money you have saved in your account and how much interest your savings have earned.

yellow gift box

You may also get your own deposit-only ATM card, so you can make your deposits even when the bank is closed. By paying allowance, chore, or birthday money directly to your savings account, (you can even set up automatic transfers from their account to your account with Franklin eBranch), kiddos are less likely to spend allowance impulsively. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss financial literacy with the entire family.

When you open your account, you will get a special present. Once you've saved $100, you can move your savings into a special "My Ca$h Sta$h" Certificate of Deposit. It's a 12-month Certificate of Deposit (If you take the money out before the term is up, you will have to pay a substantial penalty.) When you open a CD, we'll give you another cool gift!

Check out our Interest page to find out what the current interest rates are for "My Ca$h Sta$h." An adult to co-sign on your account.