Youth Accounts

  • No Minimum Balance.
  • Open with only a $5 deposit.
  • Available to those 18 and under.
  • Special gift when you open account.*

My Ca$h Sta$h: A Foundation for Their Financial Future

Empower Their Savings Journey with Only $5

“My Ca$h Sta$h,” the ideal first savings account for the young savers in your life. With an initial deposit of only $5, you can open a door to financial education and growth for your child or grandchild. They’ll receive monthly statements to track their savings and interest, making their journey into financial literacy both engaging and rewarding.

Savings Made Accessible and Fun

Equipped with their own ATM card, your young saver can deposit money anytime — from allowances to birthday cash. The convenience of Franklin eBranch also allows for automatic transfers, making saving an effortless part of their routine.

A Valuable Learning Tool for the Family

Opening a “My Ca$h Sta$h” account goes beyond saving; it’s an opportunity for the whole family to engage in discussions about money management and the importance of saving. It’s a practical way to introduce financial concepts, fostering responsible habits from an early age.

Rewards That Grow with Their Savings

The account journey begins with a special gift, marking the start of their saving path. As their balance reaches $100, they can transition to a “My Ca$h Sta$h” Certificate of Deposit, where their money will grow even faster. This 12-month CD offers higher interest and comes with another gift, teaching the value of patience and long-term planning. Withdrawals before the term ends may incur a penalty, reinforcing the lesson of commitment.

Starting Is Simple

All it takes is your co-signature to set them on the path of financial wisdom.

*The gifts provided with new account openings are carefully chosen to be both fun and educational, and are always valued at no more than $10.

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