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Listen to what our customers say

Randy and Brody Cousineau

Managing a portfolio of commercial properties while running a busy lumber business can present complications. For Randy and Brody Cousineau of Cousineau Wood Products, having the mortgages at Franklin Savings Bank presents one less complication.
“Franklin Savings Bank is the best anywhere. They are local and understand what I do. So many don’t know what a sawmill is or know about the different seasons, ... the highs and lows of the business,” said Randy. “They have 100 percent of my properties.”

Randy and Brody Cousineau of Cousineau Wood Products, with FSB’s Derek Hayes, Peter Judkins and Tim Thompson.

Sandy River Greens

When you make your living on plants, you know that there are often factors beyond your control that determine outcome.
Fortunately, getting help with a complicated financing arrangement was much easier for Sandy River Greens’ owner Heidi Ferguson, thanks to Franklin Savings Bank.

“This girl goes right to bat for people,” Ferguson says, of Leeanna Wilbur. “All along the path, she made sure I understood the process.”

Heidi Ferguson, owner of Sandy River Greens in Rangeley, with FSB's Crystal Haley and Leeanna Wilbur

Keep Corner Café

Whether you are hungry or just want to find out what’s up in town, folks in Rangeley know to go to the Keep Corner Café. Where does the Keep Corner Café go for help with business questions?
“It’s so nice to know that you can call someone up and you get all the information you need without a lot of trouble,” says Stephanie Keep, of her business relationship at Franklin Savings Bank.
“They’re so nice there. It’s like a big family. They are a wonderful team, they really are.”

Stephanie Keep, owner of Keep Corner Café with FSB's Crystal Haley and Leeanna Wilbur

The Homestead

When Laurie Danforth bought the Homestead Kitchen, Bar and Bakery from her parents, Dotty and Allen, who had owned it for 31 years, her choice of lender was easy.
“I love my experience working with Franklin Savings Bank as manager,” says Danforth, who has been working with commercial lender Mike Mansir for 20 years. “You get to talk to the person who makes the decisions.”
“The bank is doing some amazing things in town,” said Danforth, of the bank’s commitment to so many charitable and community sponsorships. “I feel lucky to have Franklin Savings Bank here.”

Laurie Danforth, owner of The Homestead in Farmington, with FSB’s Mike Mansir.

Cayford Orchards

Heather & Jason Davis, Cayford Orchards, Skowhegan, with FSB's Sally Dwyer

“There’s not enough time in the world to tell you why ‘I Bank with Frank,’” says Heather.

While other banks weren’t willing to invest in the couple’s dream for revitalizing their generational family orchard, FSB said “Yes,” says Jason. “They put a little more faith in us.”

Since then, they have made Cayford Orchards a destination for fall family outings and Maine-made food and crafts shopping. They just put in a new Cider House that enables them to press their apples on site.

Ted Berry

Ted Berry Company's Jim and Matthew Timberlake with Franklin's Lorna Niedner

To be competitive in today’s world, businesses need to be able to respond to changing technology. For the Ted Berry Company in Livermore, that means having a bank that can respond just as fast.
“We’d like to think we could plan 90 days down the road, but opportunities sometimes come up when they come up,” said Jim Timberlake. A case in point are the company’s new highly-specialized trucks, which enable technicians to view and record inside sewer pipes from computers in the truck connected to robotic cameras in the pipes. The trucks were needed right away and Franklin made sure the financing was in place to get the job done quickly.
“It’s important to us to respond rapidly to a customer need. We expect Franklin to do the same,” adds Matt Timberlake. “At Franklin, we have real people we talk to. When we need something, we drive a mile across the bridge to the bank to see Lorna. They take the time to find out about our business. They want to know what we doing, how well we are doing and what we need.”

Black Bear Graphics owners Nate and Amy Morin, with FSB’s Mike Mansir.

When growing a business, it’s good to have a banker you can call to get what you need to make it happen.
“Mike is our go-to guy whenever we need something,” says Amy Morin, who runs Black Bear Graphics with her husband Nate. Just recently, they expanded to a larger location on Farmington Falls Road.
“Franklin has been with us from the beginning. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Mark Cote
Advantage Insurance in Rumford, Weber Insurance in Farmington, Pine Tree Cellular in Mexico and co-owner of Bessey Insurance in Turner

As a young would-be home builder, Mark Cote quickly learned to take rejection gracefully. None of the banks would take a chance on an untested 18-year-old. Then
he went to Franklin Savings Bank and discovered that
“character actually counted.”
Now, decades later, as owner of Advantage Insurance in Rumford, Weber Insurance in Farmington, Pine Tree Cellular in Mexico and co-owner of Bessey Insurance in Turner, Cote continues to Bank with Frank. “You tend to be loyal to the people who had faith in you as a kid,” he says.

Jim Nicols, Locke Summit owner
with FSB’s Rich Allen and Diane Perry.

Jim Nicols has been Banking with Frank for more than three decades. While initially, his business was exclusively logging, he’s diversified to create the luxury home community of Locke Summit in Bethel.
“We didn’t hit it at the best of times for real estate. But it’s better now,” says Jim. “Franklin has always stuck with us, in good times and bad times. That is why this project is still going.”
“They’ve always supported us and believed in what we do.”