Other Deposit Services

customer serviceChecking Reserve - Overdraft Protection. Find out more.

Franklin Solution - Our Franklin Solution switch kit makes it easy to move your accounts to Franklin Savings Bank from other financial institutions.

Deposit Slips - Self-calculating PDF forms for business and personal use. (You no longer need to present these but some find it helpful in tallying deposits.)

Account Reconciliation Form - Click HERE to download the back of the paper statement.

Safe Deposit Boxes are not FDIC insuredSafe Deposit Boxes: Protect your valuables from fire and theft. Reduced rates are available to customers with accounts at Franklin Savings Bank. (Safe deposit boxes are not insured by FDIC.)

Bank by Mail: We provide self-addressed envelopes for your convenience. Email or ask a Customer Service Representative for more information.

Direct Deposit: Social Security and other income checks can be directly deposited in your account, quickly and safely.

Wire Transfer: We have access to the Federal Reserve Wire System. See us for quick, safe funds transfer.

Treasurer's Checks: Available from any teller.

Personal Money Orders: Available from any teller.

Notary Public: Available from Customer Service.